Yes, Truth, What’s up? Mom, why did you name me Truth? All my other friends have names like Belle, Maggie or Major. Even my brothers and sister here are named Samantha, Ace and Renegade.  Sometimes I feel different and others kinda laugh at me because my name is so different.

Truth, I’m sorry. I’ve told so many about how you got your name, that I guess I just thought you knew. Grab a bone and come sit by me and let me tell you the story. Truth, I was praying for you long before I ever knew you. I had been asking the Lord what I should name you because I wanted your name to be something that would show others who Jesus is and what He’s really like. I first thought about the names Grace, Hope or Joy; but none of those seemed right. Then it happened.  What Mom, what happened? I was driving down the road one day and I said, “Lord, I don’t have a name for my dog.”  You know, as soon as I told the Lord I didn’t have a name for you, He brought to my mind the Scripture John 14:6. Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life.” Immediately I knew the Lord was telling me to name you Truth.

Mom, that’s so awesome that the Lord would tell you about me.

Truth, it gets even better. That night at a Bible study, I was given a scripture to read and guess what it was?

Was it really, Mom? Was it John 14:6?

Yes, Truth it was! And the Scripture was written on a piece of paper in the shape of a gift box. This was in December you know, so it was like the Lord telling me, “Here’s your Christmas gift, the name you’ve been looking for!”

God really loves us, doesn’t He, Mom?  Yes, HE really does!


If you have a dog at home, chances are you see unconditional love every day! Whether you are at your best or your worst, your dog loves you regardless. God is the same way. He loves us where we are and there is nothing we can do to make HIM love us more or less.


The relationship between a dog and its’ master is special. The relationship between The Lord and us is even more special…MUCH MORE!  It is a relationship! I believe the Lord teaches us a lot through the love of a dog and that’s what we hope to show others through Nothing but the Truth. It’s all about pointing others to the unconditional love of a Most Loving Master.