What We Do » The Swag Bag Project

The Swag Bag Project is a community ministry partnership providing access to feminine hygiene products and health information to middle and high school girls living in poverty. Lack of access to feminine hygiene products affects hundreds of our middle and high school aged girls, from low income/poverty level families.

These same girls can miss several days of school in a month because they do not have what they need – affecting their education, dropping out of classes, etc. Every girls has the right to experience her period with dignity, necessities, and understanding.

What is the Swag Bag Project

Girls in need of feminine products can go to the Nurses Office at school. Each girl will receive a Swag Bag that can be resupplied with pads each month.

Swag Bag contents:


15 pads (5 maxi, 5 regular, 5 liners)


Hand sanitizer


1 chapstick