Truth and I had a great week at Camp Pinnacle in Clayton, GA. Truth got to hike with the girls, swim in the lake and even play teather ball. (check out the picture & video page) Most importantly, Truth and I got to tell and model for the girls the importance of a relationship with their Master. We shared the “By My Side” devotion to tell the importance of staying by your Master’s side when the distractions of life come along.

The girls were learning about missions in the Amazon Basin area. It truly is hard to believe there are so many people groups that have never heard of Jesus Christ. I think one of my favorite parts of camp was hearing the young girls praying for people to come to know Jesus and for those missionaries that are in the Amazon area.
When I arrived home Friday, I went to the park that evening for a run. In about 2 miles, I passed three churches. I thought for a moment and didn’t know what was more disturbing, people who have never heard of Jesus, or a group of people that at any moment can pick up a Bible in who knows how many versions, listen to Christian radio, have their pick of churches to attend and yet choose to ignore Jesus.

Well, Truth is back home and resting up from her very busy week. She met a lot of great young girls and had a wonderful time getting away with her master.
Until Truth’s next adventure…

By Scarlett R