5th street 2_nIt was spring break so Truth and I were going to visit our friends from 5th Street Ministry in Buford. (Great ministry by the way) So as we prepared I gathered some of Truth’s props  so we could  WOW the kids with her tricks. Hula Hoop, bowling set, Easy button we had it all packed. Of course the treats were packed to entice Truth to be on her “A” game.

As we arrived these precious kids came out to greet us. Quickly they were taken with Truth and wanted to learn all about her. Big eyes and wide smiles were plentiful. We told them the story about her name, how she picked me to be her human mom and then we were ready for the tricks. First up an easy “high five” followed by a shake. No problem. We soon moved on to the dreaded math tricks of counting and adding and the kids were amazed that Truth could do math. Especially on spring break!  I thought this would be a good time to bring out the props. Hula Hoop first. Truth was having nothing to do with it today. Okay, so Truth, how about a little bowling this spring break? Nope. She totally ignored me. To say I was getting a little frustrated is an understatement. Kind of embarrassing standing there in front of a bunch of kids basically talking to myself.

I called Truth over and said to the kids, “let’s just have a little time with Truth.” The kids were thrilled and each got to spend  time petting her, hugging her and telling us how soft she was! That’s when “that dog did it again!” Truth just laid down in the middle of the kids and let them love on her… As much as they wanted. Smiling at them the whole time and patiently letting each one examine her eyes, ears, mouth, you name it they checked her out. I think Truth knew this is what they wanted, what they needed. They needed time with her, up close and personal, not all the flashy tricks. They need to experience Truth, not just look at her.

Once again the the Holy Spirit began teaching me valuable lessons through this dog we call Truth. People need us to go where they are and love them as they are. They want to know we care enough to be with them  and spend time with them instead of giving them a show. I believe Truth also showed us a picture that when we introduce people to Jesus and let them spend time getting to know Him, He will do the work that only He can. We can perform but He can transform!

Yep, that dog did it again… Thank you Lord for lessons from Truth!