I never get tired or reading Luke’s account of Jesus’ birth. I always stop at the words, “no room for them in the inn”.  Now I don’t know if there was a convention for shepherds taking place that booked all the rooms or maybe the innkeeper didn’t want “those people” in their establishment.  You know there were rumors about Mary and her pregnancy.

Two thousand years later and we still have the same issues going on… no room for Jesus. We have no room for Him in our schools, our businesses, our government or sometimes our daily lives. Even now on Facebook the Internet is being blown up over a comment from the inventor of the chicken sandwich. The beef (pardon the pun) is not with Mr. Chick-fil-A but with the same issue we started with…no room for Jesus.

Generations from 40 years ago would laugh out loud at us as we argue over the definition of marriage. However, on the the bright side we have increased the difficulty of our words. I mean a few years back we had a president trying to define “is”. Yes we are making progress.

But before I get too comfortable and start glancing at others, I must examine the sign hanging on my life. Do I, as a believer, make room for Jesus in EVERY area of my life?  Do I give Him the key and full reign of my life? Yes, we as believers must be the first to take down the “no vacancy” signs in our lives so others will see that we live what we believe. If we don’t make room for Jesus do we seriously think anyone else will?

Let’s pray for the Lord to fill us with His Spirit so there will be no room for anything other than His plan for our lives.