Oh, those pets we love. They teach us so much about life don’t they?  How to love, how to live and sometimes how to grieve.  They steal our hearts with those looks, those touches, those examples of unconditional love. Once they have our hearts they teach us we are human and vulnerable to hurt, serious hurt. But more importantly are the “between” times when I believe the Lord uses them teach us about life. Here are just a few lessons my 12 year old golden, Sam is teaching me…

*  Sam starts off her morning by talking to her master. Every morning without fail she nudges me or starts to bark until I get up. While I’m not thrilled by this, it is a good reminder for me to talk with my Master first thing.

* Sam will ask for what she needs. Whether it’s for food, water, outside potty breaks or a nice massage, she is going to let me know what she wants. I’m reminded to take my request to my Master.

* Sam asks expecting to receive! When she’s asking for her food, she is excited knowing she’s going to receive it. She knows her master has never withheld any of her needs.

* Sam is also teaching me I need to work on my patience. I will let you use your imagination on this one.

Finally, Sam reminds me to cherish each moment I have with  her and each day let her know I love her. Good advice to move past our pets and into the lives of those around us.