It’s those unexpected moments that stay with you. Last night was no exception. The Karate Team was setting up; sound system, pads, boards and all kinds of “karate stuff”. The kids were gathering and the fun began. Jumping over things and people, flipping each other, kicking pads and much more. Truth was there to supervise so every now and again someone would take a break from all the kicking to come give Truth a scratch behind the ears or a pat on the head. It was a fun night for the kids… and then the moment happened. During all this excitement of trying new things with new people our new little brother in Christ did the unexpected. The CD the team was playing came to a song he had learned a few weeks earlier in another Backyard Bible Club. A very worshipful song equipped with sign language. Without any prompting this young man left the karate team, his friends and the dog and went and sat down with his back to everyone and started singing and signing this song. All alone he worshipped! Those of us who saw this just stopped in our tracks. I think we held our breath. I know we held our tears. What a beautiful was the Highlight of our night!

Lord, we pray for many more boys and girls to come to know you, accept you and learn to worship you. Thank you for those who give of their time to teach and lead them to You! Amen