Well, I’m again attempting to get back in shape, so I’m trying to spend some time on the trails at the park. Now the paved trails have a center line to give runners and bikers lanes to stay in to keep everyone safe. As I was running today (not sure I would call it running just yet) I approached a man ahead of me walking right down the middle of the path. I thought to myself, “Why are you right in the middle of the path? Now I have to move over into the other lane to go around you.”

So as I blew past him (not) I continued on my quest to finish my run. As the oxygen was getting lower to my brain and I ran up and down hills and around curves, I noticed my position on the trail. You guessed it…I was right in the middle. Actually around some of the curves I crossed over into the other lane. That’s when the Lord spoke gently to my spirit. Don’t we as Christ followers see others walking down that center line and think, “What are you doing?” and then at other times find ourselves doing the same thing? Maybe sometimes when life throws us a curve we might even find ourselves on the other side of the line. You might be asking what’s the big deal if no one is around. Well, when we get our head down and not looking up to the Lord, we can easily get in the habit of getting too close to the line. Then it gets easier  and before long we might find ourselves in a head on collision.  The Lord gives each of us a path to walk with plenty of freedom in HIM. The safest place is far from the center line.